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April-May 2022 - PROFILES: Eduardo Robinson

Actor Eduardo Robinson

The moment comes when you have to decide if your dreams are worth exploring. New Mexico native actor Eduardo Robinson, since he was a child watching 70s and 80s television shows, knew his heart belonged to acting. He knew he developed a love for acting watching that television screen all those years ago. "As a child growing up in the MTV generation, television was a staple in my household," shared Robinson. "I would get lost in the characters of shows like What’s Happening? and Good Times wishing I could one day make my mark on the screen. It's so important to have shows that reflect the culture of the viewer, so there is something to aspire to, and those shows did that for me."

But to fulfill that dream, hard decisions would have to be made. The idea of possibly leaving a steady 9 to 5 job to become an actor is not an easy choice for some people. But the COVID-19 pandemic forced the world to work from home and rethink working options. For Robinson, this was the opportunity he was waiting for. "The pandemic was a double-edged sword which led to me working from home primarily. Fortunately, I’ve maintained my career while chasing my dreams. It's a challenging balance I've learned to perfect, and the rewards have proven fruitful." And with both careers, Robinson has turned to different individuals to mentor Robinson's career. "I've been blessed to have influential mentors in each arena I've endeavored. From Dino Hall, who was instrumental in my growth as an Air Traffic Controller. Geoffrey Leslie, who mentors me in my business dealings, and Bobby and Renee Peoples who foster my development in acting and film both as an actor and a Producer. Each has been a blessing and continues to contribute to my growth."

Robinson has always believed that representation is necessary for the field of entertainment. Perspective comes when the story is told by the communities who lived it, and he plans to keep that focus front and center. "Representation matters," stressed Robinson. "Too often, stories are told from a narrow perspective, silencing the voices of others. I would like to make significant inroads in sharing stories and perspectives from my culture so children who identify can see themselves in the stories and have an opportunity to dream the way I did with prolific Black entertainment growing up."

Robinson's journey has provided him with many opportunities to work on some great projects. "I've been fortunate to work on multiple films with great Directors like Bobby and Renee Peoples in Taboo 3 and Pimpstress, Hisonni Johnson in Take-Out Girl, and Christopher Nation on Cupcake." He has taken every opportunity that has come his way and savored every moment. Using the time to learn and grow and he has upcoming projects that will help him continue the growth. "I have two features set for release this year called Dirty Little Secret and Sudden Passion, both of which I Produced under my newly established company, Mannish Boy Entertainment. I also have an upcoming project called Qualified which I Co-produced and wrote with Hisonni Johnson. It is set for release this Fall. So keep an eye out. You don't want to miss a moment!"

Eduardo Robinson can be found online at and on social media (Facebook and Instagram) @eduardorobinsonofficial


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