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June-July 2022 - TURN IT UP: Go Axe Alice

There is always something comforting to me when I hear new music that reminds me of the days of punk/grunge bands of the 90s that would make guest appearances on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Go Axe Alice gives me that well-needed “what happened to music” vibe that is missing today. Their new album, Illuminate, is a dark, internal trip that speaks to me and many others. As they push audiences to listen to the album, they push fans to listen to Lost Dog, Skin Deep, and Illuminate. Allow me to add Unchanged, The Night is Young, and Breathing Fire. You can feel some strong influences in those songs - Breathing Fire gives a Candlebox feel, The Night is Young is a combination of The GoGos and Splendora, while Unchanged gives Darling Violetta vibes.

You can tell band members Emily Baker, Tom Fisher, Scott Edwards, and Kevin Baker take great pride in their music, and the new album, celebrating with a release party on June 4th, is no exception. Recorded at Montrose Studios in Ruidoso and mixed and mastered by Producer and Bassist for the band, Disturbed, John Moyer, this album was created with blood, sweat, and tears and the lyrics by Emily Baker are simple but relevant. It is relatable, haunting, and real.

Go Axe Alice's Illuminate release party is Saturday, June 4th from 5:00 pm - 12:00 am at The Rabbit Hole in Alamogordo. The $10 cover includes food and music from Go Axe Alice, with Dead Box, Snatch, The Third Edge, Sancho & The Sidepiece, and Molly's Chamber. Learn more at


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