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January 2023 - BETWEEN THE PAGES: The Ghost of Walker’s Gap

There are scary tales galore in The Ghost of Walker’s Gap, and that’s just the employee teamwork retreat. And although those are scary, it’s the ghosts that take center stage in this small West Virginia town.

Ginger, a home health worker, realizes she might have to find a new apartment and that maybe she can see ghosts, and she’s not happy about either prospect. She’s a loner who quickly is welcomed into the community of Walker’s Gap by her new clients and soon finds herself embroiled in a deadly mystery filled with cauliflower Elvis, a dripping wet ghost, and a strange rock that’s meant just for her.

Any fan of the character Stephanie Plum (written by Janet Evanovich) will enjoy Ginger’s snide thoughts, quick wit, and hilarious life choices. You’ll find yourself turning the next page as fast as you can. Author Lynne Sturtevant lives in Albuquerque. You can find her fun book on Amazon:


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