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November-December 2019 - Make 'Em Laugh: Evan Wrons

When did you realize comedy was your call?

I didn’t realize it was my call until maybe a month ago. At the beginning of January, I did my first comedy set ever, and it was the most natural thing I’ve done in terms of entertainment and I was instantly addicted. Making people laugh has got to be the most rewarding things on this planet.

Who are your comic inspirations?

I grew up on Robin Williams and Jim Carrey as a kid, and that was super influential when I was young, but nowadays my inspirations vary from Anthony Jeselnik, Bo Burnham, Dave Chapelle, and George Carlin. They all bring/brought something unique to the table and I'm extremely motivated by that to find my own unique perspective, voice, or outlet.

Do you remember your first gig?

How was it? My first gig was about two months ago, and I killed, surprisingly. It was a thrilling feeling and I've been chasing it ever since. I performed at one Nexus Silver's Laughter with a Side of Soul events, because my friend Buck D put me on, and I couldn't believe how well the crowd reacted. The thing was though, it felt completely natural. I even got to roast the comic before me, even though we were friends, but he bombed and it had been acknowledged. Right away, I brought the crowd's energy back and kept it moving.

What do you feel is missing in the comedy scene here in Albuquerque?

I'm pretty new to the scene, but right from the jump, it seemed like what was missing was unity. All these different comedians don't seem to vibe with each other. Some do, and a lot of them throw great shows, but it doesn't seem like there's an outlet or hub where everyone meets up. So that's what I'm trying to do with the upcoming Comedy Roast Battles on March 15th. I'm trying to bring all ABQ comics together.

What is the endgame of your comedy career?

I just want to make people laugh, first and foremost. But really, I'm also an actor, a director, a screenwriter, and a musician. I just want to reach the biggest platform possible and entertain people for the rest of my life, and enjoy doing it.

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