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September 2015 - Make 'Em Laugh - John Cuellar

Winter Elise

Young, Dumb, and Full of Comedy Creampie’s, John Cuellar, has been in the Albuquerque comedy scene since 2006, when there wasn’t much of a comedy scene, but that didn’t stop John. He got into a SouthWest Laugh-Off competition in his first six months. “There is a lot of hard work that goes into being a comic,” shared Cuellar. He tried Improv for about a year, but realized it wasn’t something he liked. “With Improv you have to let it happen,” says Cuellar, “With stand-up, you’re the center and you make it happen. It would be interesting to see how many Improv people are type B (personalities) and how many stand-ups are type A.” But, for a self-admitted control freak, Cuellar’s favorite style of comedy is crowd work. “I see someone interesting and I just love to interact with them,” shared Cuellar. In his day job as a medical professional, he interacts and brings smiles to people’s faces that are having a hard day. Making people laugh and forget their troubles for a minute or two has always come naturally to this comic. “ I can’t really say I like people but, I’m interested. I try to appreciate the difference (in people) for what they are.”

Cuellar runs Young, Dumb, and Full Comedy Creampie, along with AJ Martinez and Eddie Stevens at Nexus Brewery, was hard to start, but has become muscle memory. Experience makes it easier to roll with the punches and work with venues to accommodate everyone’s needs. Sometimes it’s hard to watch people take the stage and seem lost at the Open Mic, but failing is such a big part of comedy. “Eating sh*t is a big part of comedy,” expresses Cuellar. “You have to enjoy it - it’s overcoming the fear.”

Check out John at his Open Mic on Tuesdays. If you run into him out on the town - beware - jokes will just drop out of his mouth. Good or very, very bad, this man will make you laugh.”I don’t know how many of these comics, myself included, will find any level of success monetarily. There was no comedy here in Albuquerque a few years ago after the comedy club closed. The one thing I’m proud of is that a bunch of people who wanted to do comedy got together and created an Open Mic comedy scene. It’s humbling to have been a part of it.”

Since printing of this issue, this Open Mic closed down at the end of August. You can still check out John on the Potential Problems Podcast and other Open Mics around town.

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