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JULY 6TH, 2024

Albuquerque Marriott Pyramid North

Albuquerque, New Mexico


Why was this award created?

The New Mexico Entertainment Awards were established to showcase the exceptional individuals who are gaining recognition in the New Mexico entertainment and events industry, all while promoting a positive image of the state.

Is this a Best Of Award?

Although we believe that New Mexico entertainment and events are top-notch, this award is not a "Best Of" award. We're looking for nominees who embody quality, positivity, and respect in their work. This award gives them a moment of recognition, which is why we have a "Top" List - the final results after evaluating their work and gathering feedback. What sets this award apart is seeing these positive individuals offer support and encouragement to each other, regardless of whether they are nominated or not.

What are the qualifications for being nominated?

We have the following criteria in determining who is nominated for the Top list:

  • Voting will cover the work year before awards season.

  • Nominee(s) should reside or do business in New Mexico. If a band or performance group is being nominated, up to 50% of the members should live in New Mexico

  • The nominee must entertain the New Mexican public consistently - up to 60% of the calendar year (roughly ten local performances a year).

  • Performers/Actors/Musicians must be able to provide recent work of their performances (flyers, video, etc.)

  • Nominee(s) should have a current social media presence focusing on their nominated craft.

  • A positive attitude and respect towards the people they work with, their peers, and their guests/attendees.

  • The nominee is about entertaining the audience/patrons, not themselves.

*NOTE: Final choices are not only based on votes.

Can someone be nominated to more than one category?

Yes, as long as the nominee fits the criteria.

Is the winner based on community votes only?

No, the winner is not solely determined by community votes. Unlike other awards, we consider various factors when selecting a nominee. While nominees may campaign for votes, we also evaluate their overall body of work and their impact on their peers and community. This award is not for everyone, which sets it apart from others.

Are others involved in deciding who should be nominated?

New Mexico Entertainment collaborates with those in the entertainment and events community to gather feedback. The final decision is made by the publication.

Are only New Mexico-born residents eligible?

New Mexico is a diverse community with both native-born and transplanted individuals. As long as the nominee meets our criteria, they are eligible for consideration.

What if there is an error with a nomination?

We would love to say that we get everything perfectly right when we release our Top List after Community Suggestions, but we are human. If you find an error with a name, category, or any other information, contact us immediately at to update us.

This FAQ page will update as new questions arise.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

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