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September 2021 - EXTRAS: Pandemic Friendly Headphone Dance Parties with DJ K. OSS

By Rene C Thompson

Kenneth Cornell is a pivotal part of the Downtown music scene, even through its ups and downs as a promoter, sound technician, and talent agent. He produces shows, bands, and compositions. Cornell is a jack of all trades when it comes to his passion for music. More than anything, he loves to inspire eclectic local musical stylings, as well as bringing much-needed bands of all kinds from all over the world to play here in New Mexico.

Cornell has produced shows for offbeat bands, artists, and genres, heard amongst the masses and providing communities, such as the Goth and Kink/ BDSM scenes, safe places, and events for people to be themselves and let loose.

Cornell has one of the largest music collections of any Burqueno, having acquired the assortment for years throughout his DJ career. For the last eight years, he has gone under the name DJ K.Oss and is mixing beats on the first and third Thursday at Effex Nightclub and for 80's nights at Sister Bar.

“We play a mix of industrial, EDM, Goth, Dark Wave, Post Punk, and Synth Pop,” Cornell said about his nights at Effex. “Sister requires a proof of vaccination, and I have a feeling that either all, if not most, venues will require that soon.”

“It’s a drag for the event, numbers, and money, as many didn’t have their proof of vaccination and were turned away, but the reality is it’s a small drag compared to people possibly getting sick or continuing to spread this thing at one of our events,” he said.

Cornell is presently undertaking sound staging on film sets as well. While he cannot share much about the project, he shared that the film is a western. He said he is having a ton of fun working on set after a long pandemic without much of his usual local gigs.

Ken told us about his new venture with KUNM DJ Brandon Kennedy, creator of Headphone Dance Parties in the Park. This event is not a new concept, but with people craving a musical outlet during the pandemic, Kennedy brought this currently much-needed outdoor event to fruition in his driveway.

This ongoing radio-frequency headphone dance party, which started with a few friends, has now gotten so popular it has moved into the 'Burque parks and open spaces. Being masked and social distancing is highly encouraged and recommended.

The event is donation-based, with sanitized headphones provided and collected at the end of the evening. The duo has done shows in the past at spots like Hyder Park, but their next upcoming Headphone Dance Party will take place October 2nd at Roosevelt Park at 6 P.M.


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