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October 2021 - THE SPORTS COMEDIAN: Hi, I’m AMarie.

I guess the saying is true, in the best way possible, "New Mexico is the Land of Entrapment." Or I should say, "Home is Where the Heart Is." I grew up in New Mexico. I went to Onate Elementary, Jackson Middle School, and graduated from Eldorado High School. I moved to Los Angeles for college, then spent the last 13 years in New York City.

Never would I have thought that I would be spending my 35th birthday at an Aggies VS Lobos football game. Not to be negative, just when I turned 18, I told myself I'm leaving and never coming back. Well, except for the holidays where I binge on green chile and Dion's ranch. I ended up back in New Mexico for unfortunate circumstances, but it was the best thing that could have possibly happened to me. Now that I'm back, I appreciate this growing mid-size city more than ever. Currently, we have a lot of great things going on in this city sports-wise: The triple-A baseball team, the Isotopes, the semi-pro United, the IFL Duke City Gladiators, and the University of New Mexico Lobos (Don't cancel me for leaving out the Aggies).

Now we are proud Burquenians can get negative about our town, but we for sure don't let outsiders be negative. People ask me, "As a sports fanatic who works in Sports Media, how do you live in a town with no professional sports?!" It's easy! I mean, yes, sometimes it's hard to find a bar that will play your favorite team, but the beauty of New Mexico is we are all transplants as Sports Fans. Besides being a Cowboys fan because of your Uncle, who is stuck in the 90s. Most of our teams are all over the map. It’s very confusing and fun to meet other fans when you are out and about.

Every month I will be keeping you updated on the latest in New Mexico sports. Since I moved back, I have been fortunate to have a boyfriend who lives for the best food and drink in Albuquerque, making it easy to find the best places to enjoy your favorite sporting event/team. Until next month, CHEERS! - AMarie Castillo


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