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November-December 2021 - BETWEEN THE PAGES: Holiday Book Ideas

Today is the day to order your holiday books!

Why? Book production and shipping are taking longer than in pre-pandemic days and research compiled in the last few months from several sources shows that more people are enjoying a good read. So books are probably on everyone’s list.

For a special gift, consider checking out authors' websites for a signed copy. Or, If you don’t want to have to wait, drop in to your local bookstore.

And, if you don’t have an idea for your adventure book loving bestie, or your magical realism bookworm cousin, my top rated thriller books (rated five stars by readers favorite) are available on all major platforms.

The Idol Maker Series follows two main characters. Book 1, Toy of the Gods, follows Leslie Kicklighter as she and a band of tourists are stranded by an Inca god in the Amazon.

Book 2, Gamble of the Gods, follows AJ Bluehorse as she has to solve a mystery on the Navajo reservation and deal with the consequences of inheriting a god's powers.

Book 3, Castoffs of the Gods, coming out on October 17, both Leslie and AJ return to the Amazon to find their friend John but find that there’s an evil force that they have to stop.

You can find out about my books, my publishing company, and more on my website: or use the contact me page if you’d like to buy a signed copy.


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