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NME Afterprint: Five New Artists at Weems Gallery

3 Burning Skies - Acrylic - Sofia Savage
3 Burning Skies - Acrylic - Sofia Savage

Weems Gallery and Framing is thrilled to announce the addition of five new artists to their lineup in March. These talented artists will bring a fresh selection of works in various mediums, including watercolor, pastel, steel sculpture, acrylic, and wood.

Carol Carpenter - Watercolors: Carpenter is a self-taught artist inspired by her mother's work in watercolors, pastels, and mosaics. She is well-known for her stunning paintings of flowers, particularly hollyhocks. Carpenter also captures the essence of Taos and other pueblos in her watercolor pieces, often juxtaposing the old with the new. Her recent accolades include first place in the large painting division and first place in the miniature division of MasterWorks of New Mexico. Carpenter is returning to Weems after being affiliated with the gallery for over 30 years before briefly moving to Sumner & Dene downtown. She is excited about returning to Weems and is working on new pieces for the March exhibition.

Andy Hageman - Woodworking: Hageman, originally from England, arrived in New Mexico in 2008. He was previously an award-winning Hotelier/Restaurateur and author. After suffering a back injury, he turned to woodworking as a form of therapy. Hageman finds solace in working with reclaimed wood, appreciating the uniqueness of each piece. He sees beauty in every tree and enjoys uncovering it through his craft.

Lynn Kearny - Pastels: Kearny's pastel paintings beautifully depict Western landscapes, showcasing her love for the natural world. Characterized by "a strong sense of light and rich, layered colors," her artwork received several accolades, including the Mayor's Award for her piece "East Fork." Her artwork has been featured in the Pastel Society of New Mexico 2023 All-Members Show hosted by Weems. Although art is her second vocation, Kearny's passion for painting New Mexico landscapes led her to return to her home state. She is thrilled to be part of Albuquerque's vibrant art community and to join Weems Gallery.

Bobbi Mason - Steel Sculpture: Mason learned the art of welding steel from her father, the late Tommy Hicks, who was a renowned painter, sculptor, and founder of the Shidoni Foundry and Galleries in Tesuque. Her focus is on creating functional art through steel sculpture. Mason's Japanese-style bells, made from repurposed steel cylinders, produce a deep and resonant tone. The clapper inside the bell is often a recycled hockey puck. Mason finds serenity in the sound of these bells and appreciates the peacefulness they bring.

Sofia Savage - Acrylics: Savage, born and raised in La Jara, N.M., draws inspiration from her parents, who were both artists. After working in graphic design while raising her family, Savage now paints professionally. Influenced by the vibrant colors and textures of New Mexico, she prefers to let her brush guide her, creating paintings without sketching beforehand. Savage's work often features horizon lines and vibrant colors that give a sense of symmetry and balance. She previously exhibited her work at Sumner & Dene and is excited to have found a new home at Weems Gallery.

Weems Gallery is delighted to welcome these talented artists. To celebrate their arrival, Weems will be hosting a meet-the-artist reception on Friday, March 8, from 5 to 7 p.m. The gallery is at 5935 Wyoming Blvd. NE. To learn more, visit


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