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May 2024 - Make 'em Laugh: Nobody Opposes Jared Ostrom

Jared Ostrom working the mic during one of his stand-ups.
Jared Ostrom

By Sarah Kennedy :: Comedy Events Writer

Comfy with hanging out at the intersection of comedy and film, Jared Ostrom is a standout creator. Known for being funny and inventive, Ostrom does stand-up comedy while making short films and sketches with his group, Those Who Oppose. He loves to mix the fun of live comedy with explaining the process of how to make movies. It's especially true when he leads a team for the yearly 48 Hour Film Project, a challenge where teams create a film from scratch in just two days.

Ostrom grew up loving sketch comedy on TV and YouTube, from "Chappelle Show" to "Monty Python," however, he credits "The Whitest Kids U Know" with inspiring him to get his start in comedy. His group, Those Who Oppose, is all about being creative and trying out new ideas, giving him, as he says, "an outlet for me to try anything I want to do."

When Ostrom makes a short film, it all starts with an idea that makes him laugh. "I have to start with an idea that excites me," he comments. Then figures out the funniest parts and builds out the rest of the story. His films often take longer than planned because he and his friends enjoy creating new jokes while filming.

Being in two worlds, Ostrom spends much of his time thinking about whether his funny ideas would be better in a video or told on stage, prioritizing whichever medium will help everyone get the joke. "Most of my video ideas are thoughts specifically for videos," Ostrom explains. He tests different jokes at comedy clubs, but the big ideas go on tape.

There's a big difference between telling jokes to people directly and making them laugh with a video. In live shows, Ostrom can tell if people find something funny. But with videos, he has to guess and hope others find it fun - checking with his comedian friends to confirm his ideas are good. But in the end, if he thinks something is funny, he'll find the right venue.

Jared Ostrom's work is about making people laugh and showing his style. Whether on stage or filming, he makes the comedy fun and fresh. Ostrom's love for comedy shines through in everything he does, making him a unique voice in Albuquerque comedy.


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