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April-May 2022 - TURN IT UP: Bryan Bielanski

Bryan Bielanski has created a shiny, happy sound from his musical influences. His songs and lyrics leave you smiling and make you think. Bielanski will be performing in Truth and Consequences on May 12, 2022. Learn more about this talented musical before the show.

Your musical influences are substantial - The Beatles, Tom Petty, Nirvana. What is it about these groups that drive your sound?

Growing up listening to those artists I was inspired by the sincerity in their lyrics. There is no doubt those artists sang about things important to them. I always try to strive for that sincerity in my lyrics. I also loved howthe songs were so catchy and got stuck in your head!

Has music been a part of your psyche since you were young or was it something you grew to love?

I have always loved music! My parents were big rock and roll fans and some of my earliest memories are of me as a very young child listening to the records my parents would play and dancing along to the music in my crib!

Your album, Bryan's Super Happy Fun Time II, is a catchy, bouncy, musical journey for the senses. What was your strategy working on this album as the sequel to Byran's Super Happy Fun Time?

Thank you for the kind words about the album! I tried to double down on the namesake and make it even more positive and fun than its predecessor.

What is the story behind Elf Girlfriend?

In 2020, when the pandemic shut down live music, and I was temporarily unable to continue touring, I did some extended camping in the national forests. I've always been very interested in campers' reports of sighting supernatural creatures there, and I thought the song would be a fun and different spin on that (side note: I have not seen any elves while camping yet)!

Tell us about your upcoming performance in Truth or Consequences?

I will be performing at Truth or Consequences Brewing on May 12, 2022, from 6 pm to 9 pm. It is an all-ages show, and it is free to attend. I'll be performing songs from my new album and older albums. As well as songs from some of the artists who inspired me. People should expect positive vibes and fun times!

How can people find out more about your music?

The best place for more information about my music is the official website, There are biographies, photo galleries, plenty of music, links to all the social media sites, and an exclusive content subscription page for the superfans!



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