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April-May 2022 - THE CUT: M'Tucci's Bar Roma

Photo courtesy of M'Tucci's Bar Roma

After a beneficial trip to Italy and a solid team looking to fulfill the same goal, the fourth location, M'Tucci's Bar Roma, has come to fruition, occupying the old Kelly's Pub in Nob Hill. Visitors should expect the same hand-crafted dining M'Tucci's has been known for, and this new location will provide an atmosphere that compliments the menu.

Partner and company president John Haas is excited about this new opportunity, as he shared in an interview with Albuquerque Business First. "We've done a lot of projects at this point. It feels like the most impactful one we've done," shared Haas. "That's why we do this stuff. It's exciting to think we're almost there. We're finally almost there. We're starting to [get to] the fun time where it's real, and we get to see it filled with lights and people. We're all pretty giddy over here."

M'Tucci's General Manager Amanda Romero, during her appearance on New Mexico Living, shared how excited she is about how everything has come together and how their trip to Italy was such an inspiration. "When you walk in the building, you see the architecture, some of the food. It's what inspired us on our trip. You'll see a lot of that Roman-curved architecture, and the menu's phenomenal." The menu is phenomenal, including a Mozzarella Fritti and an Amaro Salmon, to name a few.

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