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April-May 2022 - BETWEEN THE PAGES: A Return to Productivity with Seneca 21

Are you one of the 69 million Americans part of the great resignation? Looking for a meaningful life by working for yourself, only to find yourself distracted by everything from dishes in the sink to the call of social media scrolling?

Then it’s a perfect time for you to dive into a new book on productivity. Author Benjamin Anderson took the task of modernizing what Seneca, a philosopher who wrote in Latin over 2,000 years ago, created to encourage a scholarly look at the importance of not being distracted from your life’s goals because life is indeed short. Seneca 21: On the Shortness of Life is a logical and sage view of life as a way to do more for yourself and the world.

Mr. Anderson published his book in Albuquerque and recently moved to Texas. He says, “I wrote it because great truths and wisdom shouldn’t be lost simply because language changes. The quest for wisdom has spanned millennia because while culture may change, at the core, our humanity is constant - and has been for a long, long time.”

The book has gems like “You must understand the value of every moment and not ignore them as they speed by, for those moments only come once, and you can never replace them.”


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