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March 2022 - BETWEEN THE PAGES: Kindle Vella - no Kindle Required

From Victorian times all the way to the 1950s, magazines released serialized stories to readers. Readers had to wait a month to receive the next prized chapter. Some of those stories were later released as books - like A Farewell to Arms, and The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Maybe it was inspiration from that bygone idea that inspired Amazon’s Kindle Vella. It’s an online version of that old-fashioned serialized reading. Because has been around for awhile, you don’t have to wait a month to gobble most story episodes. Many of the stories on the system are complete, others are getting updated weekly, and there are some that are getting updated monthly.

You can read the first three “episodes” of any story for free, then use tokens to unlock more “chapters”. Amazon gives you 200 free tokens to get started. The benefit to this type of reading is that you can quickly decide if you want to spend time reading the rest of the story.

You can find completed stories (scroll down in Kindle Vella to see that list), and find everything from the seven episode nonfiction How to Fall in Love with Yourself to the five episode science fiction Star Force.

Take some time to find your favorite genre, peruse the story descriptions, and discover a new author.



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