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January 2024 - Between the Pages: ThrillHers: Strong Women in Isolated Locations

Cover of ThrillHers by Sonja Dewing
Cover of ThrillHers by Sonja Dewing

Ready for a book of stories to read on that comfy chair while it's cold outside? ThrillHers is the one, but you might not want to read it when you're alone.

ThrillHers is an anthology of ten gripping stories of strong women in isolated locations. Each tale, written by award-winning and best-selling authors, will keep you on the edge.

The main characters range from an underworld assassin to an interior decorator tired of her lazy boyfriend. They all find themselves isolated and have to think or fight their way out. Each story is imaginative and exciting.

But don't take my word for it. I'm one of the authors and the publisher, so I'm a bit biased.

Books on the Bosque recently listed ThrillHers as one of their local books. They shared the books sold like crazy, and they constantly recommend and praise the authors for their hard work, which we are so grateful for. I asked Juliet of Books on the Bosque why they felt that way about the book. "At Books on the Bosque, we love highlighting women's voices," Juliet shared. "It is a great collection of diverse voices from our community, and we wanted to support that."

I also asked some readers how they felt about the book. Tania said of the Lakeside Lodge story, "Lakeside Lodge was a fun, quick read. The author did a great job of putting in little details so we could get a feel for what the setting looked like. Ghosts aside, it sounded like a cute place to visit."

Lisa McCoy says, "The HERS featured in these thriller stories find new depths of strength, resourcefulness, and courage when they find themselves in locations that may not be the happy-to-get-away-from-it-all isolated locations one would choose. Each story is unique, fun, and filled with thrills. This anthology is a great introduction to a group of great authors."

And what inspired this very unique anthology? It came naturally from conversations in the Women's Thriller Writers Association, a group of outstanding writers who want to see strong women in thrillers. I picked the theme of isolated locations after looking up some of the top tropes in thrillers. Our group chose a theme for next year's anthology - inspired when one of our members checked into a hotel room, her husband tossed the pillows off the bed, and found a gun. They immediately called the manager and had to move rooms. But this led to the "weapon of choice" for the next anthology.

Ready to check out ThrillHers? Look for your copies at Books on the Bosque (signed copies), Barnes & Noble Cottonwood, and on Amazon.


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