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January 2022 - BETWEEN THE PAGES: Kale is a Four-Letter Word

January, a time to build new habits and consider our bodies as temples.

But maybe you’re a rebel, and you have no interest in loving healthy food. Instead, perhaps you’d like to join the crew of the Corrales Writing Group (CWG) in collectively hating that green plant that healthy people are trying to sneak into our salads and maybe whisking into our smoothies.

And you know what? It’s okay to hate kale. The anthology Kale is a Four Letter Word is a perfect way to celebrate that disdain. From a snarky recipe to tell-it-like-it-is tales that will make you laugh out loud, this fun read is an upbeat way to snub healthy food. There are even some real recipes and one from chef and television host Jane Butel. So if you decide that you want to change some habits, you can indulge in a little kale experimentation.

I asked Chris Allen, editor and contributor to the anthology, “Who is your target market for the book?”

Laughing, Chris Allen said, “We’ve sold this book to many mixed couples, aka lovers and haters of kale, and they’ve both loved it.”

Love it or hate it, you can find Kale is a Four Letter Word online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target, Walmart, and locally at Treasure House Books.


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