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February 2024 - Turn it Up: Wounded Silence

Wounded Silence
Wounded Silence

Wounded Silence is a band with a unique sound and an intriguing backstory. The band draws inspiration from various musical genres and is known for its captivating performances. The story behind the name of the band is quite interesting. It's derived from a song called "Lay Me Down" by Zakk Wylde, who happens to be Charlie's (the band's guitar player) favorite guitar player. The song resonated with the band members and perfectly captured their vibe, leading them to choose "Wounded Silence" as their band name.

The formation of the band was a process of trial and error. Chad and Charlie had been playing together for some time, searching for the right fit. However, they couldn't find the missing piece. That's when Alex came into the picture, bringing along two songs I had written with some music they had sent me. Chad mentioned that Alex had a good attitude, and they were impressed when she could banter and talk back with a "smart-ass" attitude. Jeremy, another member, made quite an impression by breaking a chair on his first day of trying out. Despite this, his ability to add another dimension to the music and his thick skin made him a valuable addition to the band. They all share a strong bond and constantly engage in playful banter. They are all self-proclaimed nerds, often discussing topics like Star Wars, comic book lore, horror movies, and more. Those interests inspire some of their songs, referencing Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, and The Shining.

When it comes to their sound, they believe that their eclectic taste in music sets them apart. Chad, the drummer, has a classic rock background, while Charlie brings a 90s rock/thrash guitar influence. Alex's musical background includes ska, hip hop, and alternative rock, and Jeremy originally trained in jazz. This diverse range of influences allows the band to create a sound that defies easy categorization.

As for their upcoming projects and performances, Wounded Silence has a few exciting events on the horizon. On February 10th, they are performing at Echoes alongside Murder Bats and Justus, and on February 24th, they will perform at Lizard Tail Brewery.

If you want to learn more about Wounded Silence and their music, you can find them online on all major streaming platforms. They currently have three singles available: "Wounded Silence" (which they will be performing), "BackStabber," and "Dull Boy."

To learn more about Wounded Silence, their music, and where they will be playing next, visit


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