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February 2022 - FOLLOW-UP: ABQ Rage Room

The current environment has created an anxiety-driven lifestyle for many - the build-up of frustration and anger needs to be released somehow. I learned about the idea of rage rooms from an episode of Law & Order: SVU, inspiring me to start looking into it for citizens here in New Mexico, but Alexis Hassley and her husband watched the same episode and beat me to the punch.

ABQ Rage Room ended up providing the outlet needed in this day and age. ABQ Rage Room is the first of its kind in New Mexico. They encourage you to break shit, as it states on their website. Walking into the building, I was excited for what was to come. My friend and I chose a package. After watching a safety video, we began picking out an array of pieces you get to smash. You are escorted to your room and are left to destroy the items chosen. The first hit leaves you wanting more! If you haven’t hit a Tangaray bottle with a crowbar before, I highly recommend it.

After my visit, I can honestly say that you will leave the site feeling a release. I completely understand why it’s a popular spot. There are some things I would have done differently, but I left stress-free. If you haven’t experienced the ABQ Rage Room, get off that couch and break some shit today. Visit their website at to reserve your room today!

Note: Closed-toe shoes, long pants, and long sleeves are required. You will not be able to rage without them.


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