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August 2022 - MAKE 'EM LAUGH: Sight Gag! Comedy with an AI twist!

AI Sight Gag artwork from the comedy set of JC Anderson
AI Sight Gag artwork from the comedy set of JC Anderson

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. When you use comedy to create that picture, you get Sight Gag! As owners Sarah Kennedy and Kelli Trapnell of Dry Heat Comedy continue to build on the excitement of bringing comedy back to Albuquerque to a stable venue, they look at creative events to present at the club. In Sight Gag! Comedy with an AI Twist, take a comedian's set, and, with the use of an art Artificial Intelligence app, we turn it into art. "While the comedians are performing, I am at the computer feeding the AI the topics they're talking about," explains Kennedy. "Then I hit generate, and it creates an art piece based on everything they have talked about - their full set, it's cool."

The show this past July featured comedians Dawn Schary, John Cuellar, Luis Powell-Moreno, and Tripp Stelnicki. The sets produced some unique artwork based on their words. Kennedy and Trapnell look forward to bringing more visual comedy arts to their venue with future events as they continue to think of more ideas for Dry Heat.

Visit for their upcoming events.

Author: Teresa Robinson, Publisher, Editor-in-Chief


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