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August 2022 - LET US ENTERTAIN YOU: Our Lady of the Tortilla

With the excitement of live entertainment solidifying, it is time to laugh, and The Sandia Performing Arts Company is fulfilling that goal. Their latest production, Our Lady of the Tortilla, written by Luis Santeiro, is a play about The Cruz family, who are volatile even in the best of times. On this particular day, Nelson, the youngest son, enters the house in a panic to hide the more obvious religious relics from the sight of his "gringo" girlfriend, who is visiting for the weekend. Nelson's mother, Dahlia, is obsessed with retrieving her husband from his new girlfriend; Eddie, her elder son, shows up in a van with his failed life and pregnant girlfriend. But the "real" havoc is caused by sweet, long-suffering Dolores, Dahlia's old-maid sister, when she sees the face of the Holy Virgin in a tortilla. This miracle brings hordes of believers and reporters to camp on Cruz's lawn to await further "miracles." As the family struggles with beliefs and conflicts, old and new, they discover the endurance of family love, which is the real miracle.

Ruben Muller of Sandia Performing Arts Company sat down to discuss the production and the choice to bring it to the National Hispanic Cultural Center stage.

Tell us what drew you to do this play, inspiring you to bring it to the stage.

We were looking for a comedy. I remembered the story about the Virgin Mary on a tortilla and people trying to duplicate it. It was funny.

What is the camaraderie of the cast like for this production?

Our cast is under the leadership of two seasons actresses: Maria Teresa Herrera and Beatrice Villegas, who have worked together for many productions. Both have worked with RayRey in one capacity or another.

Tell us about RayRey Griego as a director.

I've known RayRey since he was in High School. He was my first stage manager. I've seen him perform on stage and his credentials at Albuquerque High School are impressive.

What do you hope the audience will walk away with after seeing this production?

I want our audience to have fun. Maybe learn a little about our Hispanic culture. Mostly have fun.

How can people find out more about this upcoming show?

You can check our webpage at or our Facebook page under the Sandia Performing Arts Company. Also, NHCC sends out a newsletter each week, providing more information.

Author: Teresa Robinson, Publisher / Editor-in-Chief


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