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August 2021 - THE ART WORLD: Scar Letta Brings You Art Nueva

By Winter Elise

Welcome to Art Nueva.

Where a renaissance woman makes art to celebrate the living and the dead. With big plans and bigger sculptor’s pieces in the works, Art Nueva is a name you should commit to memory. Southwestern-inspired pieces ranging from necklaces to wall art to installation pieces. This bone-collector makes pieces that will send chills down your spine.

A few years ago, Scar Letta, owner of Art Nueva, lived in the mountains of New Mexico. During her long walks in nature, she would come across bones from naturally deceased animals. Letta began bringing them back and creating a designer bone yard around her house. When she noticed that the bones were keeping solicitors away, she decided to keep on collecting. Then, one day, Letta had to move and couldn’t take the boneyard with her. Rather than leave behind her collection, she began using a mixed media approach to create a new art form. Combining her bones with paint and taking inspiration from her deep New Mexican roots, Art Nueva was born and ready to hit the road.

Back at the end of 2019, Scar Letta was leaving Albuquerque. Off to see the world, or at least the parts you can drive to from here. But before she got very far, a pandemic swept through the world and closed down almost all travel. If that wasn’t enough, her aunt passed away. It was a shock to her system, and she returned to her cabin in the mountains. To deal with all the grief and other emotions she was feeling, she began new art projects. Bigger and bonier than before. She added paint, fabric, and other things to create new looks. She used photography and jewelry to add depth and dimensions to her pieces. To her surprise, she was suddenly grateful to be back in Albuquerque making art. Between the pandemic and a death in her family, Letta used her pain and isolation to create new designs and ideas.

Art helps people through the hard times and brings joy to share during the good times. Most artists will tell you art without emotion art is impossible. A self-described big-time hermit with creative Attention Deficit Disorder, Scar Letta makes art in many forms, creating gorgeous, uniquely southwestern pieces that would be excellent additions to any home. Sizes range from gigantic to small enough you can wear it around your neck.

An experienced dancer, she wants to bring a needed dance space to the East Mountains of Albuquerque. She also would like to develop a welcoming bed & breakfast space near town yet feels like a million miles away from your daily grind. These are the dreams of a true free-spirited dreamer inviting you to step out of yourself and experience other worlds through media.

Learn more about Art Nueva at


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