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August 2021 - THE 5: Five Questions about ABQ Artwalk

Courtesy of ABQ Artwalk

What inspired this event to come to fruition?

ABQ Artwalk launched three years ago as a simple art collective organizing multiple downtown events. Even though the collective had been organizing art & music events since late 2015, it wasn’t till 2018 that the collective started to find itself hosting multiple art events at various venues - the birth of the Albuquerque Artwalk. ABQ Artwalk’s mission is to elevate New Mexico’s emerging creative economy by supporting local creatives and local brick and mortar establishments. Our purpose is to spark the vibrancy of the arts by organizing monthly events and experiences at a neighborhood level.

What do you think the draw is to this event?

We insist ABQ Artwalk is always free and accessible to all communities despite income. We estimate between 600 to 1.2k attendees per month.

How many artists have taken part since the Artwalk began?

At least 500.

What is your goal for ABQ Artwalk in the future?

As an independent arts organization, our goals are simple: sustainability and growth in our capacity to serve the community.

How can the community assist in keeping ABQ Artwalk going?

Attend ABQartwalk monthly in-person events or purchase from our artists at


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