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August 2021 - EXTRAS: That's a Wrap - Belly Encounters

The Cast and Crew of Belly Encounters. Courtesy of Librada Pictures © 2021
The Cast and Crew of Belly Encounters. Courtesy of Librada Pictures © 2021

Belly Encounters produced by Librada Pictures LLC., has completed production on the Zuni Pueblo in New Mexico. It is a comedic story of a pregnant woman trying to keep her cool while she deals with rude, invasive comments about her pregnant body and unborn child. Director and Producer Amber LeRae Earls (A Bitter Reckoning, I Know a Place, Peepshow, Up, Up, and I, I Am That) was elated to film inside Zuni Pueblo. “I’m excited to be able to produce and direct this film alongside my family, friends, and colleagues. We want to thank Zuni Pueblo for allowing us to film in their beautiful community.”

The production employed approximately 15 New Mexico crew members, 12 New Mexico principal actors and 5 New Mexico background talent. Belly Encounters was written and executive produced by Crystal Thomas. New Mexico cast members include Crystal Thomas (Better Call Saul, Night Shift, Longmire), Stephen Hardin (Night Shift, Transcendence), Ariana Eve Spencer (I Know a Place, IRIS), Allie Sundstrom (Better Call Saul, Bare), Merritt Glover (Get Shorty, Messiah, Breaking Bad), Celine Lopez (Los Lobos, Santa Fake), Ryan Begay (Breaking Bad, Sicario 2, From Dusk Til Dawn), Phil Duran (Breaking Bad, Roswell, The Wave), Chris Bylsma (El Camino, The Kid, News of the World), Jamie Jung (Them, Monday, Roswell), Audrey Walters (Better Call Saul, Walk Ride Rodeo, Big Kill), Adam Harrison, and Paul Lucero.

Amber LeRae Earls and Crystal Thomas are alumni of UNM’s Theatre and Dance Department. To learn more about the film visit

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