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August 2021 - BETWEEN THE PAGES: Sonja Dewing's Storythons

Why do these storythons bring such excitement?

Because everyone always comes up with such great stories. It's been surprising to me how well this event works to bring out everyone's creativity

Do you find new, inspired writers coming through every time?

New writers? Sometimes, but not all the time. I generally get one new writer per event. The rest are writers looking to accomplish a writing goal or looking to restart their creative writing.

Why do you have such a love for the written word?

Such a good question! My fondest memories are sitting in my window as a kid, staring out into the dark night and writing down the stories that would come to me. l don't think that we are born writers. Because every story can be honed to a shine. I do think that I was always meant to be a writer and to bring stories to life.

What can attendees expect with these events?

A lot of work. We do plenty of writing, reviewing, and editing. So we can have a worthy story at the end of the weekend. Then, it's exciting to watch as the stories are published on Amazon and then see where they fit in the rankings - many have reached the top in their genre, and one of mine became a bestseller.

What is your goal with these events?

...For the writers to publish. I've found that if someone doesn't hit publish on Sunday night, they won't do it. But once they do, they have the confidence to publish future stories on their own. So, I do everything in my power to encourage everyone to hit that publishing button.


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