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April 2023 - Follow-Up: Rose's Pawn Shop

Rose's Pawn Shop - Photo by Winter Elise

Madrid, New Mexico, is a small town between Albuquerque and Santa Fe on Route 14. A "Salt of the Earth" company mining town that has had its share of ups and downs. From the mine closing to David Bowie playing an alien in the 1976 film, The Man Who Fell to Earth - the first British production to take place on American soil. Through all these changes, the Mine Shaft Tavern has slung drinks and served food to the masses. Having its history of struggle, the Tavern still looks how it did in 1947. When you enter the long building with a long bar running down one side and heavy wooden tables in the middle of the room, you can feel the history and imagine the bar fights that must have taken place in the past. Today the service is quick and friendly, with a great menu, a well-stocked bar, and, most importantly, a great sound system which, along with the setting, leads to a great atmosphere.

Rose's Pawn Shop is an Americana/Bluegrass band. They fit perfectly on the stage at The Mine Shaft. With standing room only, the crowd cheers when the band hits the stage. With foot-stomping beats and an electric fiddle, the diverse audience had trouble staying in their seats. It's hard to believe this folk-rock band is from Los Angeles. They have a deep southern sound and vibrant infectious energy. It's impossible writing this review after the show not to tap along with Old Time Pugilist. In Ghost Town, you certainly feel they are talking about Madrid and what a great place New Mexico is to hide from your past or start fresh, "I disappeared to a place I know in the hills of New Mexico." Playing many songs from the new album and some of their old classics, the band kept the Mine Shaft Tavern jumping for hours. Teenagers eat their fries and pump their fists in the air. Older attendees sipped drinks and bobbed their heads to the rhythm.

The band and the ambiance were worth the hour-long drive to Madrid. Hopefully, this band will be back in New Mexico, frequently playing a variety of stops.

They are on tour with their fourth studio album, Punch-Drunk Life, streaming on major platforms. Watch out for them at a festival near you.

Follow Rose's Pawn Shop @rosespawnshop and visit their website at


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