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April 2020 - Now Showing: Streetlight Harmonies

In the history of music, they are still groups that are not recognized for their contributions. While many musical genres have received their praise, Doo Wop still has been kept in the background. In the documentary, Streetlight Harmonies, the artists who helped bring those street corner harmonies to the mainstream, are honored as their stories are told by those who lived it and those who were inspired by the sound. Legends like Anthony Gouldine, Wally Roker, and Albert Russell discuss the contributions and sacrifices of those who created the sound like Frankie Lyman and The Teenagers and those who help bring it to the masses like Jacko and Alan Freed.

The documentary also shined on groups like The Del Vikings and The Crests, who were mixed race Doo Wop groups that were about the love of the music, showing that color wasn't a factor. With appearances and music from Little Anthony and The Imperials, The Heartbeats, The Flamingos, Maurice Williams, and The Zodiacs, and The Chantels. This gem of a documentary is wonderful showing a glimpse of history when it comes to the origins of doo-wop and the artists who carry on the tradition.


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