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February 2020 - Turn it Up: Michelle Berting Brett / We've Only Just Begun: Carpenters Remembere

Michelle Berting Brett had a dream as a kid - to sing like Karen Carpenter. The music of The Carpenters has been discovered by generations and Brett keeps the discovery going with her show coming to Popejoy Hall, “We’ve Only Just Begun: Carpenters Remembered on February 23rd.

This definitive concert celebrates the music of one of the most successful recording acts of all time. Brett takes center stage accompanied by her band to re-create the Carpenters’ arrangements and sound. Michelle shares stories about the Carpenters to broaden the experience. Fans and reviewers alike love the show and swear that Michelle sounds just like Karen Carpenter. Brett sat down with us to discuss her love for The Carpenters and what we can expect with the show.

What is it about the Carpenters’ music that moves you?

First of all, the Carpenters’ music is the soundtrack of my life! I grew up with these beautiful songs as a farm girl in Saskatchewan, Canada. My very first “gig” was singing at my cousin Marianne’s wedding in Humboldt, Saskatchewan. The songs I sang? “We’ve Only Just Begun” and John Denver’s “Annie’s Song”.

The melodies of these songs are magical and the lyrics reach our deepest emotions. Add the warmth of Karen’s vocal and her incredible phrasing and Richard’s stellar arrangements and you’ve got a recipe for a wonderful, nostalgic, musical journey.

Why do you feel the Carpenter sound is so beloved by fans?

I think part of it is the emotional content of these songs and also Richard had an uncanny intuition when it came to pairing a song with Karen’s voice. Many of the Carpenters’ hits were written by Richard Carpenter and a wonderful lyricist named, John Bettis, however, the Carpenters also recorded a number of covers by the greatest songwriters. Many of their covers became the definitive versions of those songs owed to Karen’s beautiful interpretations and Richard’s singular arrangements.

What can attendees expect during this show?

You are going to hear the Carpenters’ biggest hits, some amazing medleys, as well as fun album cuts that the Carpenters’ aficionados will be happy we’ve included! I also tell stories about their life and career and many are stories we’ve heard first-hand from people that worked with and knew Karen and Richard. Our Nashville band re-creates the Carpenters’ arrangements just as you remember them and you will be singing along to every word! We always hear after our shows, “You brought back so many good memories” and, “You made me cry. . .” ``It's been a privilege to sing these songs and to connect with Carpenters’ fans all over the country.

Experience an intimate, behind-the-scenes portrait of the pop music phenomenon that defined an era, and sing along to “Close to You,” “Yesterday Once More,” “Rainy Days & Mondays,” and more! Tickets may be purchased online at

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