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February 2020 - Extras: Taylor Garrett

Some see that products can always be improved. For Scott Feuille, his love of whiskey led him to take the bold move of changing the game. His brand, Taylor Garrett, is making its debut on Saturday, February 8th, at a private party here in Albuquerque hosted by Vara Winery and Distillery. Feuille shared how his breakthrough technology is needed in the whiskey field. “Traditional aging means that distillers have to wait years to get their carefully crafted spirits into the hands of the people that enjoy them,” said Scott Feuille, Founder, and Distiller. “This is expensive and can be very frustrating for new distillers, often leading them to bottle someone else’s product while waiting for their own to mature. With our breakthrough technology, Taylor Garrett can get our high-quality, artisanally-crafted spirits where they belong -- in the glasses of whiskey lovers -- without having to wait for it to sit around in a barrel for years.”

Taylor Garrett, named after his two youngest children, is a veteran-owned company, felt that while he understands tradition, it was time to try something new. “The recent growth in demand for fine whiskeys has led to a shortage of many popular brands. Distillers putting spirit in barrels eight to twelve years ago had no way to foresee the surge in demand, and because of the time required to traditionally age, they are having trouble keeping their product on the shelves,” shared Feuille. “We’re not changing the tradition of the way whiskey is distilled. We honor the finest distilling traditions that ensure the highest quality raw spirit goes into our process, which eliminates the time required for aging. Why wait if you don’t have to?”

Feuille has traveled the globe and sampling some of the finest spirits the world has to offer. With a passion for distilling, Scott began his quest to craft the best-tasting whiskey on the market today. When it comes to a fine whiskey, Feuille know what he looks for. “What I look for in a fine whiskey is a good nose of vanilla and caramel and on the palate, the flavor of the grains as well as the smoothness and the flavors contributed by oak which includes vanilla, caramel, a little smoke and a nice lingering finish with no unpleasant aftertaste.”

For Feuille, Taylor Garrett is about something new and exciting for the world to witness it. “Taylor Garrett is about experiencing everything that well-aged, premium whiskey has to offer…the nose, the body, the flavors, the smoothness -- without the wait,” says Scott. “It has been said that the best whiskey in the world is the one you like to drink. By taking the mystique out of aging and creating a spirit that is a pleasure to sip and enjoy, I hope that everyone who drinks Taylor Garrett will consider it one of the best.”

Taylor Garrett will be available to public to purchase on February 9th, 2020 at VARA. To learn more about Taylor Garrett visit

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