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NME After Print - Review: Creation

Who is truly the creator when it comes to the story of our lives. Writer and Director Ruggero Dalla Santa explores that very question in his short movie, Creation. A young man (Benjamin Coulter) awakes to find himself naked in a white room with nothing but his thoughts of how he got there and a laptop. He soon discovers with every keystroke, he creates his little world and starts by creating the perfect woman. In time he realizes that after several tweaks, “Eve” (Sian Altman) develops into the woman of his dreams. But when “Eve” realizes that their love comes with a lie, it leads her to make a decision that can reset everything back to the beginning.

The concept for this short came to Dalla Santa in the early morning. “The idea for Creation woke me up at 5 am one morning, with this image of a man in an empty white room, and a laptop that gives him the power to create anything he wants,” recalls filmmaker Ruggero Dalla Santa. “I didn’t know exactly what the movie would be about, I just followed my man in the empty room and slowly a story began to take shape. A world with no boundaries means a world with no rules, so what would our man end up creating? The film speaks about how little we understand ourselves and explores the differences between what we want and what we need.”

Creation has been selected for numerous film festivals including the Nano Con International Sci-Fi Film Festival (USA), the Cambria Film Festival (USA) and the Amsterdam Lift-off Film Festival (Netherlands). The creative short received an Honorable Mention at the Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival (USA) and won Best Picture at the Muybridge Short Film Festival (UK).

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