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November-December 2019 - Extras: 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

‘Tis the season and we are happy to provide you with some great holiday ideas for your loved ones this Christmas.

Janet Mavec Peace Dove Necklace

Drawing inspiration from her renowned farm in New Jersey, Janet Mavec designs pendants, necklaces, earrings, pins, bangles and rings from what grows, flies, or swims into her natural world. Janet Mavec’s collection is affordable and well-made and brings old-world artisan techniques to her pieces using less expensive metals like gold-plated brass. The Peace Dove ($90), inspires us to wage peace not war.

Holly Headband $38

These CROSBY by Mollie Burch custom beauties make a great gift and add a pop of fun to every outfit this season. Whether your vibe is vintage-inspired or super-contemporary, a chic headband adds to the aesthetic you're after to create a totally cohesive look.

The Bartesian Premium Cocktail Maker

Chosen as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things, Bartesian is a gloriously fun and innovative new way to enjoy and serve premium cocktails on demand at home or anywhere, and we would for you to feature this new machine revolutionizing cocktail hour.

Shabbos Under Pressure $21.99

Crafted with Shabbos in mind, this is a universal and everyday cookbook as well, appealing to the novice home cook and the more experienced homemaker. The recipes offer a tantalizing blend of traditional and not so traditional, written with easy to follow step-by-step language. Each recipe is paired with beautiful full-color photographs of completed dishes. Sprinkled throughout, you’ll find welcome time-saving ideas, personal stories, and delightful anecdotes.

Recipe and Photo reprinted with permission from

Shabbos Under Pressure by Sharon Matten

First Edition – First Impression/November 2019

Wildflower CBD Cooling Stick $24.99-$60

Alternatively known as the “Organic Icy Hot”, the CBD Cooling Stick is a miracle worker when it comes to quick and convenient relief from muscle, joint, and back pain. Scientifically formulated to be the most effective, natural anti-inflammatory topical available, the unique blend of therapeutic ingredients immediately cool and soothe any discomfort for long-lasting relief.

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