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Keshet returns to the stage with "Alice"

Keshet Dance Company retired a holiday tradition when they removed "Nutcracker on the Rocks" from their repertoire. But they were ready with a new show in the wings. Presented for the first time last year, and inspired by the classic story, "Alice, An Adventure of Wonder and Wondering" is a unique look at the childhood story through the choreography of Shira Greenberg. We reviewed the show when it premiered last November. It is truly a delight. The show, with dancers from age 8 to 80, performs dances to classic rock and jazz songs. Keshet creates a brand new set of fantastical characters to inhabit this world. We accompany Alice as she journeys through Wonderland and learns about herself - overcoming her fears and the power of imagination. We’re excited to see Keshet bringing back this inventive show for the holiday season. Alice, an adventure of wonder and wondering will run from November 15th-24th, 2019 at The Keshet Center for the Arts. Tickets are available at

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