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February 2019 - Between the Pages: NM Book Co-op

New Mexico has a long and deep history with skiing. I was lucky to have met Pam Salmon and Robert Nordhaus, both legends of New Mexico skiing. The author is no newbie to skiing in New Mexico. He has written about it for over twenty-five years. Jean Mayer who wrote the Foreword, is a legend at the Taos Ski Valley. The nice thing about this book is that it is not just about “regular” skiing. It also features cross-country, alpine touring, and backcountry skiing. Each location in New Mexico has a profile that includes: getting there, rentals, ski school, lift tickets, website, runs, first aid, and a little about the nearby town. The book is also the size that you can fit in your backpack to use as a reference. It is the first book on just New Mexico skiing. It also has travel resources and a Bibliography with other pertinent reading. If you ski or want to, try New Mexico. Start slowly and enjoy the scenery too. There are a lot of nice pictures in the book to give you a taste of New Mexico. It looks like we are going to have some nice snow this year. Finally!

Skiing New Mexico; A Guide To Snow Sports in the Land of Enchantment

Daniel Gibson

UNM Press


$19.95 (S)

129 pages

This is book review of New Mexico books written by members of the New Mexico Book Co-op. New Mexico books are worth taking a look at in stores, libraries, or online.

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