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NME After Print: Even better the third time around - WICKED at Popejoy Hall

Photography by Joan Marcus

​When Popejoy Hall brought back Wicked for the third run on their stage, I just had to see the beautifully performed masterpiece for the third time. On this tour, Elphaba and Glinda are Mary Kate Morrissey and Ginna Claire Mason. The cast is powerful. Mason has personality and comic wit as Glinda. Her performance of "Popular" showcases her depth and range for the role. Morrissey is incredibly expressive as Elphaba. She draws you in with every song, feeling every word she sings. "Defying Gravity" was bold, robust and worked with Morrissey's talents.

Whether you're seeing it for the first or third time, Wicked continues to be a magical experience. From the music to the choreography. From the giant dragon to the ever-changing sets. Wicked continues to defy gravity in this reviewer's heart.

Wicked will run at Popejoy Hall from October 17th-October 28th. Get your tickets now at

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