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September 2018 - The Art World: Elizabeth Leggett

During our journey to the 50th anniversary of Bubonicon, we saw many wonders, but one particular artist stopped us in our tracks. Elizabeth Leggett’s work is stunning. A Hugo award-winning illustrator, Leggett give a realistic feel in a digital format. We took a moment to talk about her process.

You work with aluminum. How did you come across working with that medium?

It’s called dye sublimation. It’s a fascinating media. It shows what I print. Unlike - paper, it softens everything. The aluminum makes it crisp. You can see the detailed work. You steam the color onto the metal and it’s beautiful.

How long does the process take?

It depends on the piece.

How often do you participate in Bubonicon?

I think this is our fifth year. I was guest of honor last year and won two Hugos. This particular [con] has some of the best and finest in science fiction and fantasy. I mean, George R.R. Martin is going to be here...If this is where your heart is, this is the convention to be in.

How can people find out more about your artwork?

My web page is I’m terrible during con season at updating, but I will be putting new stuff and the new publications.

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