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September 2018 - Behind the Scenes: NMWIF: The Power of Story

New Mexico Women in Film (NMWIF) is pleased to announce their latest event in partnership with UNM Continuing Education: The Power of Story Series. The first event in the series, Part 1: How Stories Connect Us, will be held on Sunday, September 30, from 3:00-6:00 pm in the UNMCE theatre and lobby (1634 University Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM).

The Power of Story event features a short film showcase, spoken word, fun activities, and storytellers galore. Storytellers featured in the event include Ramona King, Ebony Booth, Kim Delfina Gleason, Mary Oishi and Rose Ann Samudio.

NMWIF Vice President and organizing producer of the event Anne Stirling said, “The Power of Story is an exciting series where we wanted to explore and share fresh ways to delve into story and how it impacts our lives - be it through film arts, spoken word, music, dance, folklore, etc. Different creative art forms can come together to tell a powerful story. Each part of the series will have its own focus. The September 30 event highlights the power that story can have to connect us to ourselves and to one another. Attendees can experiment with the power of story with fun lobby activities before entering the theatre for an afternoon full of energy, connection, films and storytelling.”

For more information about the Power of Story Series, go to or contact Anne Stirling at

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