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August 2018 - The Sports Connection: The Dirty Dash Comes to the 505

For the past 8 years, the Dirty Dash has been testing the fortitude of the people brave enough to run, swim, and crawl through the muckiest terrain you could ever imagine and when the filthy 5k started coming to New Mexico in 2012, the Land of Enchantment didn’t disappoint with its share of people willing to get a little dirty. I got to speak to the people who run the Dirty Dash, which is back to the 505, August 18th at Wildlife West in Edgewood. It’s not just the physically fit who take part in the Dirty Dash either, one of the best things about the event is “most everyone can do it! We see all types of people splashing and rolling around in the mud.”

If there is one thing the Dirty Dash is about fun and if there’s another thing they’re about, it’s coming up with new ways to cover contestants in mud! “"Every year is made slightly different with new obstacles and ideas for improvement. But we try to maintain the same muddy, fun atmosphere that keeps people coming back.” This year doesn’t disappoint either with such obstacle names like Slop-n-Slide, Pig Sty, and a secret obstacle that no doubt will have mud coming out of your ears for the new month and a half. The Dirty Dash is not just for adults! They pride themselves on being an event the entire family can enjoy. Your kids are encouraged to join in on the Main Course. The event offers a course just for ages 12 and under called the Piglet Plunge, a one-mile course where parents can accompany their child through the obstacles. Dirty Dash wants to make sure no one has to miss out on all the sloppy fun.

When asked about some of their favorite memories over the years, the Dirty Dash team couldn’t name just one. What they love most is letting participants create their moments in the mud. “It is so fun to see people creating their own memories of each race in their own way. Whether it is crazy costumes, like a bride and groom with their wedding party, or having a full out mud war in the middle of the course, the best stories come from the people running the event.” On August 18th, get your family together and make some memories of your own at the Dirty Dash! You won’t want to miss this, but it’s probably best to bring extra towels. Register for The Dirty Dash at

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