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June 2018 - The Cut: El Cotorro

The Al Pastor Taco - El Cotorro

Let me start by saying that not all tacos are created equal. "Taco Tuesday" should be a blessed day and treated as such. So, when it comes to where the day should be spent, a friend suggest El Cotorro (I just knew it as the place that had the parrot on a card). By the time I left, I was disappointed that I didn’t step foot in this establishment sooner.

Their restaurant, nestled on the corner of Carlisle and Copper, offers a warm atmosphere the minute you walk through the door. The staff was quick to greet us - letting us know that they would be with us in a moment. During that time, we checked out their menu and had the difficult decision of figuring out what we would partake in. They have a meat, seafood, vegetarian and vegan options, truly giving everyone who enters the door an option. After mulling over the menu, I ordered an Al Pastor ($2.85 per taco) and an Elote ($3.00 each).

The turnaround time to get our order was excellent and worth the wait. After my first bite, I realized I didn’t order enough. The marinated pork is heaven. Accompanied with grilled pineapple, white onions, and cilantro sprouts, El Cotorro has a flavor palette that can be enjoyed by anyone. The salsa bar that comes with your tacos is an added benefit, but I found myself not needed it. The taco on its flavor alone was enough.

Let me take a moment to talk about Elote. Ladies and gentlemen, if you have not tried a elote, you are depriving yourself of some tasty goodness! The idea of a type of mayonnaise, cheese and chili powder on corn on the cob might turn off some people, as it did me. But it was a doubt that I regret having. It’s added to the meal and I was excited to experience it.

The visit ended on a high note when the Chef Javier came out personally to check on us and see if the food was to our liking. It really says something about the restaurant when the chef comes out to greet you and see how your experience it. Of course, after your meal, you have to try their gelato - amazing! I think it goes without saying that El Cotorro will become a new staple for me and I look forward to the many meals to come.

El Cotorro - Taqueria and Heladeria

111 Carlisle Blvd NE

Albuquerque, NM 87106

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