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May 2018 - Turn it Up: Music in New Mexico

Hella Bella

Needless to say, Hella Bella is unique in their own right. With a drag queen lead singer, Bella Gigante, taking the lead of this ultimate party band, you will not be disappointed when you take in one of their shows.

How did this band become a reality?

Bella Gigante: my goal was to always have a band. Along the road I began to meet different musicians who wanted to be a part and shared similar visions. Three years later it finally happened"Hella Bella was born.

Who are your musical influences?/ Where does the inspiration for your music come from

B: Our musical influences vary from Blonde to Rocky Horror Picture show. We are attracted the most by music that people can connect with. We love to make you dance, laugh and feel. We are inspired the most by the people in the crowd.

What do you feel you are offering the music scene that isn't been seen now?

B: There is nothing greater for us than to take the entire crowd with us on our journey. There are many amazing bands out there today what sets us apart is that our lead singer is a giant drag queen with a set of pipes and a band full of wonderful characters. In addition our band has Sarah Meadows on bass, Linda Strauss on cello, Joe Buffalo on lead guitar and our newest member Clark Libby on drums. I love this band and am very proud of them.

What are your upcoming gigs?

B: You can check us out at Santa Fe pride on the plaza June 30th. For all other gigs please follow us on facebook, Hella Bella or Bella Gigante.

Electric Sheep

With musical influences like Sean Lennon, Foo Fighters and Rage Against The Machine, Electric Sheep brings a sound that reflects their love’s while creating a unique space in the music industry. Starting this connection back in high school, this band was destined to create together and provide New Mexico with a different musical view when it comes to their sound.

How did this band become a reality?

Rigo: We all met in high school guitar class and we've been friends ever since. We never lost touch with each other and our vocalist kept pursuing music while the rest of us kind of went on with our lives until about 2 years ago he called us saying he had a show and he needed a drummer and bassist so we helped him out that time. After that we separated for about a year since we didn't really have a rehearsal space. After me and Lex [my wife] moved into our home we got back together and started to play what we love.

Who are your musical influences?

R: Josh- Mischief Brew, Gary Clark Jr. and Trivium, Lamb of God Gregorio- Beatles, Bowie, Radiohead, Sean Lennon Elver- Red Hot Chili Peppers, Incubus, Rage Against the Machine, Mana Rigo- Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mana, Foo Fighters, Rodrigo Y Gabriela

Where does the inspiration for your music come from?

R:It comes from individuals experiences and emotions felt through. And we just love to play music and we have a deep connection since we've known each other for 10 plus years.

What do you feel you are offering the music scene that isn't been seen now?

R: I believe that we bring something different, we're all trained in different styles of music and it shows in our music. We don't sound like a lot of bands in town. We bring the diversity that this town needs.

What are your plans for your album?

R: We're recording an EP at the moment.

Blame it on Rebekkah

How did this band become a reality?

RD: After having my daughter, I couldn’t manage being a single mom and having a live band, so I decided to start a new CD – Written, produced, all tracks by me. After I finished the CD, entitled Blame it on Rebekkah, I decided to take it live. There have been many players to come and go from the band. But this group has stuck around now for a few years, except for our newest member, bass player Ruby, who joined us this year.

Backup Singers: Magical Marge, Christini Martini

Sax: Lezzie Jessie

Vocals/Writing: Rebekkah Dreskin

Bass: Ruby S. Easy

Who are your musical influences?

RD:Meatloaf, Ani DiFranco, Musical Theatre, Kid Rock, Prince, Neil Diamond.

Where does the inspiration for your music come from?

RD:Songs that force me to sing along. And Facebook memes.

What do you feel you are offering the music scene that isn't been seen now?

RD:Blame it on Rebekkah is unlike just about anything you see in the local music scene in Albuquerque; Starting with the bubbly pop/dance originals, to the middle-aged lady-rap, to the three part harmonies and vocal arrangements, to the combination of live and tracked instruments … and don’t forget the costumes … This ain’t your standard drums, guitar, bass and vocals line-up.

What are your upcoming gigs?

RD:We are very excited to be co-hosting a float with Unicorn Burlesque in the 2018 Pridefest Parade June 9th. We will be singing LIVE on the float all the way up the parade route! More Pride appearances and festival dates in the works.

What are your plans for your album? RD:I am currently writing songs for the new CD, some of which we are already playing in our live set. The CD, called Emotional Whiplash will have a total of 10 to 12 tracks, and I hope to release it summer 2019.

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