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May 2018 - Extras: 2018 New Mexico Fiber Crawl

Whether you weave, felt, dye, knit, or are just interested in New Mexico’s long history with the fiber arts, the Española Valley Fiber Arts Center’s New Mexico Fiber Crawl is a fascinating way to experience the entire tradition.

Over the weekend, fiber fans can explore the farms where it all begins, meet people who hand spin the yarn and the artists who work with it, and visit the galleries and museums highlighting the traditional as well as the most cutting-edge work in the state.

Beginning in Albuquerque and winding north to Taos, the Crawl features conversations with artists, exclusive access to gallery and museum collections, hands-on demonstrations, and chances to win prizes, including weekend getaways and great meals. And for those who are happy to do more than just look, there are plenty of opportunities to buy products directly from local producers and artists.

The purpose of the New Mexico Fiber Crawl is to give participants a chance to experience a part of New Mexico’s economic and artistic culture, as well as expose local businesses, artists, and cultural centers to new and engaged audiences. The Crawl was first launched in 2017 by EVFAC and attracted more than 1,109 visitors who toured the 3-day event making a total of 2,712 stops. The event was considered a great success drawing the participation of 15 sponsors, 43 sites and 77 Fiber Artists.

The 2018 Fiber Crawl promises to be even more popular extending across more counties in northern New Mexico, and engaging even more Fiber Artists. In particular, thematic fine art exhibits that will take place at various locations, and will showcase artwork that artists have made specially for that show. The 2018 Fiber Crawl has been generously supported by New Mexico Arts, New Mexico Department of Tourism, and private donors. EVFAC also collaborates with guilds such as Las Arañas Spinners and Weavers Guild in Albuquerque, Las Tejedoras Fiber Arts Guild in Santa Fe and Tejedoras de las Trampas Fiber Artisans in Peñasco to include northern New Mexico’s most talented fiber artists.

VFAC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that cultivates and support multi-generational participation in local, traditional and contemporary fiber arts. Its three main areas of focus are to build expertise in the fiber arts for adults and youth through education, to increase awareness and participation in the fiber arts, and foster economic growth in the fiber arts community through collaborative efforts that respect heritage and promotes a fiber ecosystem that grows, harvests, prepares and creatively uses fibers. The New Mexico Fiber Crawl is May 18th-20th. To learn more visit

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