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May 2018 - Between the Pages: The Voyage of Brendan McCurdy

I have driven by the Calvary Church on Osuna in Albuquerque a million times. A lot of those times on Sunday, I have to stop because the huge congregation for the Church is pouring out on Osuna. I have seen the Church add-on with a playground, classrooms, and much more.

This children’s book – The Voyage of Brendan McCurdy - is topical because it features Brendan on his skateboard taking an ark voyage adventure. Kids love skateboards. The author, Senior Pastor Skip Heitzig, is a skateboarder and the book is the first in the series of his, Say, Play, and Pray books.

My first inclination was that the book would be overly religious. It is not. The book is about rainbows, love, and a lot of good feelings kids need to know about in these troubled times. Kids will also love the illustrations because they are bright and big. It will inspire kid’s own pictures of skateboards, rainbows, animals, arks, and of course Brendan McCurdy. It is also fun that the story of the ark is modernized so kid can relate to it. After all, the majority of today’s kids probably don’t know the story.

This book is a wonderful book for kids to read all summer when they scream – “There is nothing to do!” Drop by the store at Calvary Chapel for the book.

The Voyage of Brendan McCurdy

A Skip Heitzig, Say, Play and Pray book.

Story by Brian Nixon and illustrations by Dominic Sedillo

Connection Communications


Available at Calvary Church on 4001 Osuna NE

Paperback $34.95

38 pages & color


This is book reviews of New Mexico books written by members of the New Mexico Book Co-op. New Mexico books are worth taking a look at in stores, libraries, or online.

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