April 2018 - Turn it Up: TAO: Drum Heart

Drum TAO makes an epic return to Albuquerque. A new show, TAO: Drum Heart visits Popejoy Hall Friday, April 20 at 8:00pm.

Drum Heart features the best of TAO and pays tribute to Japanese traditions while incorporating modern drum techniques. Combining highly physical, large-scale drumming with contemporary costumes, precise choreography, and innovative visuals, the performers of TAO: Drum Heart create an energetic and unforgettable production.

The martial artists combine flutes, drums of all sizes, and masterful fighting techniques to create one heart-pounding show. Costumes reflect the ancient Japanese traditions of featuring battle gear and beautiful silk dresses.

Drum Heart follows a young boy mourning the loss of his parents in a natural disaster. A brave drummer and warrior teaches the boy how to drum, how to be a warrior, and, ultimately, how to be a man. Martial artists then take the stage, punching and kicking in a gracefully intense routine.

The twenty-seven performers follow a strict training regiment of a 20-kilometer run, calisthenics, martial arts practice, and a minimum of two hours of percussion practice each day. Their dedication pays off on stage with their unparalleled precision and athletic ability.

Tickets for TAO: Drum Heart are currently on sale for $69, $49, $39, and $20. Tickets may be purchased at UNM Ticket Offices at the UNM Bookstore and Dreamstyle Arena (formerly The Pit). Online purchasing is available at popejoypresents.com or unmtickets.com.

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