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March 2018 - Turn It Up: NHCC presents Robert Mirabal and Jenny and The Mexicats

Sacred Journeys is a reflection of our New Mexican cultures and storytelling through dance, music, and spoken word. It will include a performance of "Las Soldaderas," which depicts the story of the young lovers and the brave women who fought in the Mexican Revolution, as well as an original composition by Robert Mirabal inspired by Native American and northern New Mexico Pueblo culture. Choreographers for the project include Dominic Guerra (Hispanic, native New Mexican), Jock Soto (Navajo and Puerto Rican), Trey Pickett, Natalee Maxwell, and Patricia Dickinson Wells. Music includes original compositions by Robert Mirabal, a world-renowned musician, composer, poet, actor, and screenwriter, as well as a painter, master craftsman, horseman, and farmer. A two-time Grammy award winner and recipient of a 2014 New Mexico Governor's Excellence in the Arts award, Mirabal is dedicated to keeping alive the centuries-old customs of Taos Pueblo. His 2002 breakthrough PBS special, Music from a Painted Cave, is unsurpassed in Native American theatrical expression. He is also a leading proponent of world music, and has merged his Indigenous American sound with the music of Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean, tapping into a planetary pulse with a style that defies categorization.

NHCC and Pop Fizz invite you to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on Saturday, March 17, 2018 at 7:30 pm in Education Building Grand Hall with a night of dancing and fun with the world-renowned Jenny and the Mexicats. Known for their infectious style of genre-bending music that borrows from pop, flamenco, reggae, mariachi, jazz, folk, and cumbia, this band will knock your socks off and keep you moving all night. Pop Fizz will have food, paletas, beer, and alcohol for sale. This concert is part of the Revolutions International Theatre Festival, and is supported by AMP Concerts.

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