March 2018 - Follow-Up: WWE Live Road to Wrestlemania - Santa Ana Star Center

The night after Overdrive Publications put on our Rocky Horror Picture Show Valentine’s Day Screening, the second screening at that, Teresa and I went to a wrestling show. Not just any wrestling show, a WWE Smackdown Live Event, and not just any WWE Smackdown Live Event; but a Road to Wrestlemania WWE Smackdown Live Event. This was going to be a big deal. With that in mind, and a need to cheer for my new best friend, WWE Superstar Becky Lynch (I get to call her Becky), we dragged our tired bodies down to the Santa Ana Star Center in Rio Rancho to take in some wrestling.

Live Events are a very special thing in wrestling. The wrestlers are a lot more relaxed, they have a little more fun, and no one has to sit through a commercial break. With the Santa Ana Star Center as a perfect venue for wrestling and the Wrestlemania buzz in the air, the Smackdown superstars put on a show Rio Rancho (and the two people who drove in from Albuquerque just so they could write an article) will never forget. As with my excellent, Pulitzer-worthy interview with Becky Lynch (my new best friend), I’m not going to expect you to know who these people are and why I sobbed when Shinsuke Nakamura made his entrance, but do your best to keep up dear reader.


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