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NME After Print: NHCC Launches New Proposal Process for Performing Arts Season

To ensure diversity of programming, consistency with the Center's mission, and greater accessibility and transparency in the selection process for its Performing Arts Season, the National Hispanic Cultural Center (NHCC) is launching a new proposal submission process on February 1, 2018. Performing artists who would like to present a show at the Center will need to provide information on their proposed performance by filling out the appropriate form and submitting it to the Center no later than March 14, 2018. All proposals will then be reviewed by a panel, and those that are accepted will form the NHCC's upcoming 2018-2019 Performing Arts Season, that begins in July 2018. To explain the new process, the NHCC will be holding open sessions on January 27 at 10 am, January 31 at 6 pm, and February 8 at 10 am in the Bank of America Theatre.

"We hope this new process will improve the transparency of, equal access to and efficiency in our selection process, while also increasing our support of selected partners with capacity building offerings throughout the season," said NHCC Executive Director Rebecca Avitia.

The NHCC's mission is to preserve, promote, and advance Hispanic culture, arts, and humanities and the Performing Arts Season helps to carry out this mission through the presentation of traditional and contemporary dance, theatre, and music that reflect both deep cultural traditions and more current evolutions of performing arts from Latin America, Spain, Portugal, and Latino/Hispanic/Chicano peoples within the United States. The NHCC is looking for proposals that will help us present a range of performances that showcase local, national, and international talent. In addition, the NHCC is looking for proposals that demonstrate high artistic quality, community benefit and interest, and the administrative capacity to carry through with both.

To see a more complete list of requirements, tips, and FAQs, view the Proposal Guidelines. Links to the proposal forms also are contained in these guidelines.

The National Hispanic Cultural Center is dedicated to the preservation, promotion, and advancement of Hispanic culture, arts, and humanities, and is a division of the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs.

If you would like more information about this event or other events at the NHCC, call Kinsey Cooper at 505-377-8968 or email

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