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January 2018 - Cover Story: Samantha Smith

Known as the ass-kicking, demon-fighting, mom on the CW hit Supernatural, Samantha Smith’s career has been developing for over 20 years. Starting as a model, Smith has a strong standing on one of the hottest shows in the country and she shows no signs of stopping. In preparing for her appearance in at Albuquerque Comic Con, Smith took time while traveling outside of the country to talk about her first gig, her love of acting, and what her time on Supernatural.

Where did your love of acting come from?

I always loved “make-believe,” from a super young age. I used to organize plays with kids from the neighborhood and invite the whole block. I’m sure it all originated with Cinderella. Princesses, you know.

What was your first gig and what was the experience like?

My very first acting job was playing one of Jerry’s girlfriends on Seinfeld. It was amazing and terrifying. They were in their 8th season by then, and they were already iconic characters. I kept thinking I was hired by accident, and that I’d get fired. Every day driving home I’d say to myself, “Well, that was fun. At least I got to be there for a minute. It was worth it.” But I made it all the way through!

You have over 50 projects under your belt. What productions did you work on that was one of the best experiences and why?

Obviously Supernatural has been not only my longest running project but one of the best experiences you could ask for. It’s truly a family and I’m so grateful. Looking back, I also really enjoyed working on “Two of a Kind.” It was a little show with the Olsen twins, ages ago. It had a similar feel - cast, crew, producers - the whole atmosphere was kind, supportive, and really fun. Also, Transformers stands out. I mean, it was Transformers!

Do you feel or have you felt that you have to prove yourself constantly in this business?

Sort of. I mean, every job, every audition, is an opportunity to be great or to fail miserably. No pressure!

What do you love about being an actor?

I love getting to pretend to be other people, to imagine life experiences that I would never ordinarily have. To do and say things that are perfectly written, unlike in real life. It’s make-believe for a living!

You've found a home with Supernatural. What is it like working on the show?

That’s exactly what it feels like, a home! Mary is literally a dream role for me, and I’ve been able to explore all kinds of incarnations within the same character. And that’s just my own little part. I love the show, I love its messages, and I love each and every person I get to work with, including not just the cast but also the crew, production, post, all of it. We see each other all the time and there is a true bond there, but especially with the cast. It’s amazing.

There is a lot of action on this show. Do you get to take part in the majority of your stunts?

I do! And I have the bruises to prove it! Luckily I have some amazing stunt women, Dana and Andrea, who do all the heavy lifting. They also, along with our stunt coordinator Rob, guide me in the pieces I do myself so I can look as real and coordinated as possible. But this is an incredibly physical show, and while they are adamant about safety, there is a certain expectation that you’ll be able to do certain things yourself. I love the challenge!!

What upcoming projects can we look out for?

As so often happens, I can’t tell you yet!

What would you like your legacy to be?

My legacy? Wow…well, non-specific to acting, if I had any sort of legacy I hope it would be about being good and kind and forthright and using your strengths for the benefit of others. That sounds hokey, but it’s true. Even a small kindness goes a long way, and its ripples are real, even if you don’t see them.

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