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November 2017 - An NME Q&A: Unicorn Productions

Where did the inspiration come from to create Unicorn Productions?

The inspiration to create Unicorn Productions stemmed from the desire to create shows centered on the concept of “magical," whimsical environments, emphasizing acceptance and a safe place for people of all gender identities. The unicorn represents all spectrums of gender and sexuality identities, encouraging self-expression, creativity, and belief in one's self. Part of our mission is to create high-quality shows with top-notch performances while also giving our students the opportunity to grow and learn in these arenas, as UP is currently the only local team offering burlesque classes.

Everyone seems to offer a specific talent. Was that an important factor when the company was formed?

While specific talents from each team member were not necessarily an intention in the formation of UP, the diversity amongst one another is something we absolutely embrace. The team comes from multiple backgrounds: theater, dance, flow arts, cosplay, belly dancing, music, modeling, to name a few. Burlesque is often the center of convergence for these arts with striptease. Additionally important to the UP formation, we wanted to create a team where communication and mutual respect was forefront to the “bigger picture” of what we aim to accomplish: entertaining our audience.

What all does Unicorn offer for New Mexico in terms of entertainment?

Unicorn Productions brings burlesque magic to the Land of Enchantment. We often say amongst ourselves that it is our job to entertain the audience. We do this through providing polished shows with upcoming and seasoned performers. Much thought goes into every aspect of the show, from who we hire to emcee, to the bands and music offered, stage managers, and what performers will compose a killer line up of acts. Our shows not only offer multiple skills and talents but also embrace a non-shaming view of sexuality.

Though burlesque is primarily dominated by women, we want to show our audience that sexuality, confidence, and empowerment are all sexy. Believing in yourself, regardless of appearance, age, and gender identity, is what we want the audience to leave with. Sexiness and sexuality are not merely limited to what the media has generally taught us. Unknown to some, but Albuquerque has a rich history and heritage of burlesque. Burlesque is often thought of as an art or entertainment that can only be found in larger cities like Chicago, or New York. While these cities have AMAZING burlesque and overall performance scenes, UP wants the people of New Mexico to know that amazing art, performance, and burlesque is all happening right here! IN our state, in our city. Audience members come to our shows to be a part of another world, in a space that is safe to be themselves. The crowd laughs, cheers, smiles, and sometimes even gets a tear jerked out of them. Audiences get to see that the human body is beautiful and creative, capable of more than they imagined. If someone says, “Hey, I think that is something I would like to do,” then we can offer them our classes. Burlesque is alive and well in the Land of Enchantment.

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