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June 2017 - Turn it Up: The Despots

How did the band come together?

Me (Eddie, lead singer, piano, backup guitar) and Danny (lead guitar player) had a vision about a band and started playing at local parties and get-togethers to meet people who shared the same vision. Doing this, we met Zach (rhythm), who shared the same passion for surf guitar and rock-n-roll. We started working together, and we brought on Mark (drummer), who was in a metal band with Danny. Recently, we brought on Steve (stand up bass and electric), who shared the same passion for music as us.

What is it about music that drives you?

Music is a collaborative art form, where we can create together, as a opposed to most other art forms, where it is an individual. Music has been an important part to all of our lives.

How would you describe your sound?

We are trying to create new rock-n-roll from all of our influences. We are trying to take our different perspectives on music and create something new and original.

How do you feel about the New Mexico music scene?

We are doing our best to get involved with the New Mexico music scene, appreciate the venues and promoters that keep us in mind, and appreciate the support of our fans.

Do you see challenges when booking gigs?

We sometimes get pigeon-holed into certain genres, so we open for a lot of the same kinds of bands. The only thing that shuts off success is closing the door of opportunity, and the more opportunities there are to play with bands, the more successful you become.

When are your next upcoming performances?

We have one May 17 at the Launchpad with Whiskey Diablo and Moonshine Blind. We have a show May 18 at Burt’s Tiki Lounge with Reno Divorce and the Henchmen. Also, we have three performances at Rockabilly on the Route in Tucumcari, June 1 through the 4.

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