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June 2017 - The Art World: Jeremy Montoya & Jon Sanchez

We have had the opportunity to get to know the dramatic duo, Jon Sanchez and Jeremy Montoya, after working with them on our Movie Nights, where they created some of the most exciting poster designs that captured our love of film. Just coming off a successful gallery show of their work, Jon and Jeremy sat down with New Mexico Entertainment Magazine to talk about their love of art and where they hope their talent will lead them.

Where did you love of art come from?

Jeremy: A lot of my time as a child and teen was spent sitting behind my father and studying him as he worked. My father (Jerry Montoya) is a master in many disciplines of art. I sat behind him as he would hand letter a glass door or business sign, as he would airbrush a t-shirt or mural on a low rider, as he would illustrate a portrait in pastel or a New Mexico landscape. I could make a list a mile long. So, I guess my love of art came from my father’s love of art, and wanting to be just like him.

Jon: Art has been a significant part of my life for as long as I can remember. I've been drawing since I was four years old, my family says. When I was a child, I drew a lot of dinosaurs, monsters, and was heavily influenced by science fiction. I can't say much has changed as an adult. As an artist, I am constantly inspired by different influences, so my love of art is constantly changing.

What medium do you prefer?

Jeremy: I really prefer to create my artwork digitally on the computer. I love the flexibility. In the early stages of a drawing, I can squish or scrunch, enlarge or move all together. I can do this very easily without dealing with erasing lines that never really go away, or getting frustrated and having to start fresh on a new sheet of paper. I find that it's difficult for people to appreciate digital art. They'll often ask where's the original? That's why I prefer to hand pull serigraph prints. Converting my digital artwork into something tangible that is made by hand.

Jon: I would consider myself an illustrator first and foremost. I draw using pencil and ink, but recently, I've embraced some digital mediums. For the past decade, screen printing has been a huge part of my artistic process. It's a lot of work, but it's a great way to recreate my illustrations, while keeping each piece unique.

What upcoming shows to you have coming up? Jeremy: Well, I have quite a few shows coming up with my partner in crime Jon Sanchez. We have a show featuring all of our movie posters for The Guild Cinema at Tractor Brewing in Nob Hill. We have a video-game-themed show coming up at Sister Bar. And, of course, the annual Dia de los Muertos show at The South Broadway Cultural Center. As far as Cons, we'll be headed out to Denver Comic Con in June and Phoenix Comic Con in May and more than likely Santa Fe Comic Con at the end of the year. Oh, we also have a screen printing demo coming up at the Albuquerque Museum. I'm positive that I'm forgetting a few.

Jon: I will join a small group of local artists to put on an arcade-inspired art show and pinball tournament at Sister Bar. My buddy Jeremy Montoya and I will have booths again at the Phoenix and Denver comic cons. I'll participate in Contemporary Hispanic Market in Santa Fe, as well as the Dia de los Muertos show at the South Broadway Cultural Cente

What goals do you have for your art?

Jeremy: I'm really just trying to have fun and express myself creatively. I get bored easily—my artwork really is a release for me. It's a way for me to let my mind relax and forget about this crazy world we live in. If I said I didn't want to become famous for my art, I would be lying. I would be crazy not to want that! I just don't want it to become a burden or for it to feel like a job with overwhelming responsibility. I really don't know where my artwork will take me—I can only hope it's a fun experience I can enjoy with my family and friends.

Jon: My goals are to create artwork that will inspire, excite, and bring happiness to people. I truly love what I do. I want to continue to grow and learn as an artist, and to build more of a following. I am extremely lucky to have the support system that I loving family, my teachers and mentors, and the people that have supported my artwork over the years.

Check out Jon and Jeremy's artwork at and

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