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May 2017 - The Art World: Robyn Wellman

Robyn Wellman helps further push the artistic talent that exists here in New Mexico. Wellman’s artwork tells a story, whether it’s bringing the love of the New Mexico skyline and landscape onto a canvas or showing daily life in the Land of Enchantment. Robyn shared a bit about her love for art and where we can experience her gorgeous work.

Where did you love of art come from?

I think I was born with it. I’ve always been attracted to art, beautiful pictures, and everything visual. I’m a very visual thinker. What I love about art is the way you can exaggerate the things you see and transform them. You can exaggerate the perspective and the colors to create a new world and try to draw the viewer into your piece.

What medium do you prefer?

I like oils for their vibrant colors. I’d like to explore pastels this year.

What upcoming shows do you have coming up?

My work is currently being shown as part of a “new artists” show in Weems Gallery.

What goals do you have for your art?

I want to gain more complexity in my work. I want for my pieces to tell a story and transport the viewer to a different a quiet adobe church or a rural setting or back to a Christmas luminaria memory. I want my paintings to develop in that direction.

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